Why should I use an Architect and not a draughtsman?

For very simple/small projects its perhaps more of an open playing field but for anything requiring creative thinking and Architect is the answer. We have had specialised training in all aspects creative architectural design that other service providers just don’t have. Why trust your dreams and your budget to an unknown quantity? The title Architect is only available to a fully trained professional, don’t accept lesser imitations if you want to realise the fully potential of you project and budget.

Do I need a Planning Consultant?

Architects have extensive knowledge of the planning system i their own right and will use this to home in on an optimised design with high probability of gaining approval from the very beginning, carefully researching and negotiating each project to avoid abortive work and fees. Planning Consultants can be appointed to provide extra help and advice on complex projects where a Client may want increased surety on the Architects chosen direction. Alchemy works closely with two local planning consultants when required.