The architect is a professional who has dedicated his or her career to the practice of architecture.

To become a registered architect, an individual has had to demonstrate successful completion of the requirements for architectural education followed by several years of monitored experience in all aspects of practice. An architect has been admitted to the profession only after further passing extensive examinations.

There are other professionals offering 'architectural services' such as draughtsmen and architectural technicians who can produce drawings but have generally had far less training in the field of 'design' which the title 'architect' protects.

Training and experience enable the architect to transform your ideas and functional needs into an architectural programme which will bring out the full potential of your project and make sure a high quality design vision is realised.

From brief to feasibility, conceptual design, working drawings and the technical specifications required to realise a project, Alchemy Architects ltd will provide elegant solutions.

Many prospective building clients are experienced in the procurement of commodities. Architects base their compensation on the value and amount of work to be performed; that is, the value and amount of professional and technical time which will be spent in the design, development and construction of the project. A conscientious architect will spend many hours developing, weighing up and discarding possible design solutions in order to come up with the most elegant, workable and economical final design.

Architectural services:

  • Architectural design
  • Contemporary & period interior design
  • Feasibility studies for existing properties or speculative sites
  • Planning submissions
  • Building control submissions
  • Listed building submissions
  • Tender packages
  • Contract administration
  • Landscape design
  • Architectural draughting services
  • in additional we have built close working relationships with Planning Consultants, Engineers,Surveyors,Cost estimate services & contractors

Useful Links for Clients-

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Check AlchemyArchitectsltd are legally registered architects with the Architects Registration Board, the title ‘Architect’ is protected by law.,ONLY,2HIL7P,2BA4X,1